Kidsense provides specialized pediatric therapy services in the Columbia Gorge area. Our fully equipped sensory integration and rehabilitation clinic provides occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy and massage therapy for a wide variety of issues.

We treat a variety of diagnosis including Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum disorders, orthopedic disorders and issues. We also treat neurological disorders with related learning, attention, movement, posture, strength, feeding and behavioral issues.  Learn more about the benefits of treatment >> here.

We support our local communities in Oregon and Washington including Hood River, The Dalles, Mosier, Dufur, Cascade Locks, White Salmon, Goldendale, Lyle, Carson, and Husum.


Does my child need therapy?
What are some symptoms I should watch for?

How do I get started?
Do I need a referral to make an appointment?
What about payments?

Meet our top notch staff:

All our therapists are state certified, board licensed, and have a passion to serve children.

We understand that each child has their own unique strengths and challenges and we strive to offer the highest quality of specialized pediatric therapy services.

We have learned to never underestimate what a child can achieve and are grateful for all that they have taught us.

Our Staff

“Stephen had the BEST summer of his life, it was Largely Kidsense. Thank you.”
Parents of Stephen
“Children don’t act out for the sake of acting out. There is a reason. Find a way to help them. Kidsense can help”
“Kidsense is Loving and Comprehensive”
Parents of Theron
“Therapists make it fun for the kids while addressing their needs. Great therapy room, clean with lots of tools and equipment for kids needs”
“Excellent therapy with HUGE results”
” Kidsense helped by making me calm and think good thoughts. I had fun and did my self cares.”
Age 12