As parents, we generally adapt ourselves and the home environment for our children to be the most successful. Do you feel your child is still struggling in the following areas as compared to other children:

  • Emotionally (Coping skills, behavior regulation)
  • Physically (Coordination, injury recovery, balance, handwriting, or feeding)
  • Sensory (Auditory processing, touch, smells, movement registration, or tolerance to movement)
  • Issues with communication (Communicating ideas and feeding effectively)
  • Social skills (Making and keeping friends, reciprocal interaction, understanding social cues)
  • Learning issues (Dyslexia, writing, organizing, and attention in completing tasks)
  • Speech and language (Articulation and structure of speech)
  • Feeding challenges

Then your child may need therapy. If your child hits their head (sports or otherwise) and they have persisting symptoms, therapy can help with improving processing of information, organization, emotional regulation, and visual skills.