Therapeutic Listening® is an evidence-based protocol that combines sound-based intervention with sensory integrative activities. It emphasize vestibular stimulation and postural movement strategies.

Occupational Therapists and other professionals now incorporate sound based technologies using sophisticated sound technology and music. This specially modified and filtered music produces specific effects allowing therapists to approach the auditory and vestibular system directly, having a tremendous effect on total brain functioning.

Therapeutic Listening® is a structured program in which the child listens to a series of specifically designed music planned for each individual’s evaluated needs. The child may be engaged in particular activities to further enhance the treatment while listening to the portable CD’s twice a day for 30 minute sessions. There are 4 main areas of treatment response:

  1. Orientation and Regulation
  2. Space/Time
  3. Core Movement Patterns
  4. Connection and Communication

Many areas of change have been noted with therapeutic listening including: arousal and attention, receptive and expressive language, speed of processing, social language and social-emotional maturity, balance and coordination, praxis (motor planning), motivation, affect, awareness of environment, improved sensory modulation, organization, feeding and sleeping skills, gravitational security, eye control, improved awareness, and regulation of hunger and thirst patterns.