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Does your child hate tummy time?

Are you worried about how your child’s poor posture will affect their future?

Is your child’s frustration with poor handwriting holding them back?


If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, you will be interested in learning the best tools and tips to help OPTIMIZE your child’s function.


Tummy Time Help:                                      Wednesday March 29th 11:00am

  • Learn why your child hates being on their tummy.
  • Learn developmentally appropriate strategies for tummy time play.
  • Learn why tummy time is very important.


Posture challenges and weak core strength: Wednesday March 29th 1:00pm

  • Learn how to help low back pain.
  • Experience a quick fix demonstrations for the most common posture problems.
  • Learn how posture can affect mood and cause a decrease in energy.
  • Learn what causes your child to have poor or unsafe balance.


Helpful handwriting tricks and tips!                         Friday March 31st 3:00pm

  • Learn How to wake up your child’s hand in preparation for handwriting tasks.
  • Learn 5 strength and dexterity activities your child will love.
  • Learn 5 “tools” that will help your child write more legibly.


Register by March 28th.   Space is limited.

541-386-0009 or kidsensepatientcare@gmail.com