Groups Offered:

Groups are individualized and planned to address the specific needs of the children. Examples of groups:

Yoga for Kids:

Children can gain core strength and body awareness, as well as the ability to connect with others through imitation and recall of postures and movements. Strength, flexibility, motor planning and sequencing skills are developed.

Write on:

Writing groups are well paced. Necessary strength, motor movement patterns, as well as ocular motor skills needed for ease of writing are developed through activities. Letter formation, line placement and spacing are addressed.

Eye Spy:

This ocular motor group focuses on developing coordination of the eyes for improved function. Fun activities are used (with 10 minute/day home activities) to help your child’s eyes focus from one object to another, glide across a page, and complete visual perceptual tasks.

On the Ball:

This is a parent-child group for young children. The therapist teaches a variety of ways to use your therapy ball with your child to strengthen and lengthen muscles, as well as encourage movement.

Oh Brother – Oh Sister:

This group is to support siblings of children with special needs. The siblings get to experience a variety of therapy equipment. Their important role as a sibling is supported and ways to assist their siblings encouraged. (private pay only).

Parent-Child Massage:

A licensed Massage Therapist with specialized pediatric training and experience with special needs children will teach you how to massage your child. Learn important techniques to help with muscle relaxation and bowel function.