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What about payments?

We have private cash pay discounts. Most major insurances are accepted: however, this is not a guarantee of payment. We are preferred providers for: Aetna ASSURANT HEALTH CIGNA CoreSource Health Net Healthscape HMA LifeWise Healthplan OR LifeWise of Washington MODA Health PacficSoure Community Solutions Providence Providence Preferred Network PURMSOI Regency BSOR Regency BSWA Tri Care West Region Claims Department United HealthCare WA Medicaid OR Medicaid If your insurance is not on the list, you can still use your insurance in most cases.

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Do I need a referral to make an appointment?

Depending on the treatment recommended, a physician order may not be necessary, however, insurance companies generally require a physician referral for insurance reimbursement. Check with your insurance plan for your specific contract with them.

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What are some symptoms I should watch for?

As parents, we generally adapt ourselves and the home environment for our children to be the most successful. Do you feel your child is still struggling in the following areas as compared to other children: Emotionally (Coping skills, behavior regulation) Physically (Coordination, injury recovery, balance, handwriting, or feeding) Sensory (Auditory processing, touch, smells, movement registration, or tolerance to movement) Issues with communication (Communicating ideas and feeding effectively) Social skills (Making and keeping friends, reciprocal interaction, understanding social cues) Learning issues (Dyslexia, writing, organizing, and attention in completing tasks) Speech and language (Articulation and structure of speech) Feeding challenges Then your child may need therapy. If your child hits their head (sports or otherwise) and they have persisting symptoms, therapy can help with improving processing of information, organization, emotional regulation, and visual skills.  

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Does my child need therapy?

If you have concerns about your child's ability to function like other children their age, an evaluation directed toward the areas of concern is recommended. Parents may call for a brief phone consult to be directed in the correct direction. We recommend you talk to your child's physician regarding your concerns. Your physician may or may not refer you to Kidsense for an evaluation. You may still schedule an evaluation without a physician referral, but your insurance may/ may not pay for the services without a referral. The timing of learning skills is important with children. It is O.K to call and ask vs. waiting to see!

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